About Nteje Village Math & Science Project

Nteje Village Math & Science Project is a youth development research center serving Nigerian youth under the leadership of Mike Ogugua and Jerry Nwafor, natives of Nteje in Anambra state, the Eastern part of West Africa Nigeria. The project was initiated oNteje Village Community Math & Science Projectut of the urgent need to redirect Nigerian youths’ attention, talents, and skills towards math & science studies.

It is a well-known fact that technology discoveries are made by science-oriented minds. As national economies merge to become one global economy, ensuring that our youth are well versed in the languages of math and science so they can contribute to the future innovations that will be adopted throughout the world, will guarantee our nation’s existence and future prosperity. Investing in the minds of youth today, we can tap into the abundant wealth of tomorrow.

About the founding members:

Mike Ogugua (Team Leader)
Mike hails from Nteje in Oyi local Government Area of Anambra State
Nigeria. He attended special science school, Onitsha, where he
received awards both from the school and from National Mathematical Centre, Abuja, Nigeria, for his performances in mathematics competitions. Because of his keen interest in science related courses, he is currently a final year student of chemical engineering at the University of Science and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria. His desire to uplift the human mind especially for poor children has resulted in the formation of this project. Mike plans to further his post graduate studies in mathematical sciences.

Jeremiah Nwafor (Program Chief Coordinator)
Jerry hails from Nteje in Oyi local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. He is currently a student of Statistics, University of Nigeria. Jerry is known for his considerable contributions to the field both through his leadership skills and his love for humanity. He has dedicated his life to helping Nigerian youths, especially those living in remote villages, develop into self-reliant individuals.

For further information, please contact us at micferd4you@yahoo.com
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P.O.BOX 55,